Fruitrients – Natural Fruit Extracts

If you are looking for an easier way to include more healthy fruits into your daily diet,  Fruitrients is exactly what you need.  We believe our Fruitrients’ natural fruit extracts are truly as close to eating an actual fruit as you are going to get.Fruitrients Pomegranate on Fork

Fruitrients delivers the superior health benefits of nutrient-dense fruit extracts in a convenient veggie capsule, without all the added sugar and water found in traditional fruit juices.  Our formulas use only the best organically-grown ingredients in the purest, most concentrated form possible.

  • Pure & Natural
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Additive-Free
  • Potent Extracts

Each Fruitrients’ product contains a therapeutic dose of the actual fruit source, providing the raw, active ingredients of the entire plant. The targeted extraction of the active ingredients is beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as blood sugar and glucose management as well as heart, skin and immune health.* In addition, Fruitrients provides the simplicity of helping to reach the daily nutritional requirements in an easy-to-take and convenient way.

  • Therapeutic Doses
  • Doctor Formulated
  • Veggie Capsules

Fruitrients’ products have all been formulated by Dr. Mark Stengler NMD, a leading expert in the field of Naturopathic medicine and co-author of over 20 books on natural care.

All of our products are formulated using veggie capsules, which are derived from all-natural Pine trees and designed to dissolve within minutes of ingesting. This superior Fruitrients Coconutsform of veggie capsule allows for the maximum absorption and effectiveness of the active ingredients.

  • Gluten-Free
  • GMO-Free
  • cGMP-Certified

All products are manufactured at our very own cGMP-certified, state-of-the-art, FDA-audited and regulated facility. Our formulas contain no additives, no fillers, no binders, no flow agents, no preservatives, no pesticides, no chemicals, no gluten and no GMO’s.

If you want and easy and effective way to add all-natural, healthy fruit to your diet, you want Fruitrients.


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.